Please Read These Terms Carefully Before Using Phlow

Agreement to Terms

Welcome to Phlow! We offer a range of services that let you create, edit, and share your photos and videos on social media and via email. This document explains our terms of use, so please read it thoroughly. Remember, by using Phlow, you're agreeing to these terms. We can change these terms occasionally, and we'll do our best to inform you when we do.

What You Can Do with Phlow

  1. Your License: We're giving you a personal license to use Phlow. This means you can access our services, install the app, but you can't transfer or sub-license it to others. This license is active as long as these terms are.

  2. Content Rules: Your use of our app must follow the rules we've set out in Schedule A below.

  3. What's Not Allowed: There are certain things you just can't do with Phlow. We've listed these in Schedule B.

  4. Access to Features: Some parts of Phlow might be restricted to paid subscribers. If you subscribe, there may be limits based on your subscription plan.

  5. Changes to the App: We might change or remove features from Phlow from time to time. If we do, we’ll try to let you know in advance.

  6. Rights Reserved: Just to be clear, using Phlow doesn't mean you own any part of it. All rights that aren't explicitly given to you are reserved by Phlow, Inc. and our licensors.

About Payments

  1. Fees: Some features of Phlow come with a price tag. If you choose to use these, you'll need to pay the fees. Remember, most fees are non-refundable.

  2. How Payments Work: We process payments through various methods like app marketplaces and third-party processors. Make sure your billing info is always up to date!

Intellectual Property

  1. Our Rights: Everything in Phlow is owned by us or our licensors. If you give us feedback, we can use it without any obligation to you.

  2. Trademarks: The trademarks you see in Phlow are ours. Please don't use anything similar that could cause confusion.

  3. Copyright Policy: We respect copyright laws and respond to infringement notices as detailed in our DMCA policy below.

Use at Your Own Risk

Our services are provided as-is. That means we can't guarantee they'll always work perfectly or meet every need you have. We're not responsible for things like errors, viruses, or the accuracy of the content.

Limitation of Liability

We're not liable for indirect damages or losses you might experience from using Phlow, like lost profits or data. Our total liability is limited to half the fees you paid us in the last 12 months.


If your use of Phlow causes legal issues for us, you'll need to cover our costs and damages.

Ending These Terms

  1. We Can End the Agreement: We can suspend or end your use of Phlow at any time.

  2. You Can End the Agreement: You can stop using Phlow and cancel your account anytime.

  3. What Happens After Termination: Once the agreement ends, you'll lose access to Phlow and your account.

General Legal Terms

  1. The Full Agreement: This document, along with its schedules, is our full agreement with you.

  2. Changes to the Agreement: We might change these terms now and then. If you keep using Phlow, it means you accept the changes.

  3. Age Requirements: You need to be at least 13 to use Phlow. If you're between 13 and 17, get your parent or guardian's approval first.

  4. Electronic Contracting: This agreement is valid even though it's electronic.

  5. App Store Rules: If you downloaded Phlow from a marketplace, their rules also apply.

  6. Legal Stuff: There are more legal terms here about things like severability, remedies, and waivers.

Prohibited Uses

You can't misuse Phlow. This includes things like copying it, selling it, using it for illegal activities, or trying to hack it. We've listed all the don'ts in detail.

DMCA Copyright Policy

If you think someone's infringing your copyright with Phlow, let us know following these steps. We take these issues seriously.

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