On the fence about purchasing the Phlow System? We understand! That is why we offer to edit your photos prior to purchasing. This allows you to get an idea of how the Phlow Prosets may look on your images (we promise you won't be disappointed!) Since the Phlow System is designed to work with RAW files (more info on what a RAW file is here), we ask that you only send us RAW images to edit. This is so you can experience the Phlow Prosets to their fullest potential. 

Follow our specific instructions below on how to export your RAW file either from your digital camera, or from the Lightroom Mobile App. Then drop your RAW file via our Dropox linked below (you must upload the file from your laptop in order to do so). We will do our best to get to your edits in a timely fashion, but will also work through them on a first come first serve basis! 

To make it easier for us to navigate and edit your files, please label your images with your first name + last name OR your IG handle (so we can find you!). 


Exporting & Uploading a RAW file from a Digital Camera

If you’ve taken a RAW image with a digital camera that you would like us to edit, you’ll need to transfer the images from the SD card onto your computer. Remove the SD card from your camera and upload the files onto your laptop (using a card reading device etc.) If you’ve shot in RAW, you can tell the files are RAW by looking at how they’ve been labeled. For example, you can always tell an image is a JPEG by its file title. An example: “phlowphoto.JPEG” The same works with RAW files. An example: “phlowphoto.DNG” The “.DNG” represents the RAW file format. The thing to note here is that each camera manufacturer has a different way of labeling RAW files. We’ve compiled a list of the most common different models and their RAW endings below: 

- Sony .ARW 

- Canon .CR2 

- FujiFilm .RAF

- Nikon .NEF

- Lumix .RW2 


Once you have your files from your SD card onto your laptop, you can add and upload them to our Dropbox link. Make sure you’re selecting the RAW files of your images (identify and make sure they are RAW by following our endings list above). 


Exporting & Uploading a RAW photo from Lightroom Mobile

You can also shoot RAW by using the Lightroom Mobile in app camera. We love this easy workflow and shoot many of our photos this way. If you’ve shot a RAW photo in the Lightroom App, you’ll need to export the image as a RAW (.DNG) file out of the LR App onto your phone. From there, you can transfer the image to your laptop via airdrop. You can’t upload RAW files from your phone via the Dropbox unfortunately. Follow our screenshots below on how to export your RAW file out of the LR app.


Once you’ve exported the file as a .DNG (RAW image), you’ll see several options pop up on how you would like to share it (see the 3rd screenshot below for a labeled visual).

Option 1: You can click “Save Image” which will save the file as a .DNG to your camera roll. From there, airdrop the file to your laptop, then upload the image to the Dropbox. Airdrop is the easiest and quickest way to share RAW files that we’ve found.

Option 2: OR, there is a choice to airdrop the .DNG file straight out of the Lightroom App onto another device (your laptop in this situation.) This skips the step of saving to the camera roll. From your laptop, upload the RAW file to our Dropbox!

If you run it any other questions or issues, don't hesitate to get in touch with us via email or Instagram DMs! We look forward to editing your photos :) .