We're so excited you are here! We're gonna guide you through importing the Phlow into Lightroom on your desktop, as well as getting the Phlow synched to your mobile device. 


Step 1 

Download the Phlow onto your laptop. You will have received an email with an install link labeled “YOUR PHLOW DOWNLOAD!” Follow this link and download the zip file package.

Step 2

Navigate to the file you just downloaded. It will be labeled -  “Phlow-1st-Edition-Collection-All.zip." Before importing into Lightroom, you will need to decompress this zip file. To do so, double click on it. This unzips the file and you will now see two new files inside labeled: 

"WELCOME TO THE PHLOW.pdf." (a manual with more info about the Phlow!) 


"Phlow-1st-Edition-Collection.zip" - this zip file contains all the Phlow Prosets and is the file you will need to import into Lightroom.

The first zip that will automatically download. Double click on this file to unzip.What you will now see after unzipping! This second zip file is what you will import into Lightroom.

Step 3

Open Lightroom Classic CC. Lightroom will automatically open in Library mode. To be able to import presets, you will need to switch into the Develop mode. You can do this by navigating to the labeled menu on the right upper hand side (linked below) and clicking on Develop, or by pressing "d" on a Mac for a shortcut.

Change to Develop mode in Lightroom. 

Once you're in Develop mode, head to the menu on the left where you'll see "Navigator" "Snapshops" etc. Right under "Navigator" there will be "Presets." Click on the white plus sign next to Presets, and a small menu will pop open -> click "Import Presets." 


Now head to the zip file you uncompressed (labeled "Phlow-1st-Edition-Collection.zip"). Its crucial you select this zip file, and not the first one (Phlow-1st-Edition-Collection-All.zip.) You can tell the difference between them because the first one (the one you DON'T want to import) is labeled "-All." Once you select the correct file, hit import and the prosets should load into Lightroom. You'll see them appear under the presets menu on the left hand side! Import a photo into Lightroom if you haven't already to start editing.  

Select this second zip file to import!Where you'll see your newly downloaded Phlow Prosets! 



Now that you've imported the Phlow onto your desktop, the next step is getting it synched to the Lightroom mobile app. Before you are able to set up the synch, you must download the Phlow onto your laptop first (unless you are an Android user).

The key thing here is importing the Phlow into the correct application of Lightroom. There are two applications that come with your Lightroom subscription -“Adobe Lightroom Classic CC” (what we just imported into above) and "Adobe Lightroom CC." Lightroom Classic CC is the application we use for all desktop editing. However to enable the mobile synch, you will need to import the Phlow into the other application- "Adobe Lightroom CC." (Importing just into Adobe Lightroom Classic CC will unfortunately not synch the prosets to the mobile app). Look at the screenshot below to see what the two different applications look like in your doc. (In your doc, the application will be titled "Adobe Lightroom" and in the finder window it will be titled "Adobe Lightroom CC.")

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC - this is what you import into for desktop editing.

Adobe Lightroom - this is what you need to import into for the mobile synch!

So, open Adobe Lightroom CC. Navigate to the edit menu on the right hand side, it is represented by a logo of three slider bars. Click on it, and a small editing window will open. At the bottom of the window, you'll see two buttons - "Versions" and "Presets." Click on the "Presets" and another small window will then open. Head to the three white dots at the top of this window. A short menu will drop down, and click on "Import Presets." Now, follow the same steps as you did for Lightroom Classic, and navigate to that second zip file you uncompressed (labeled "Phlow-1st-Edition-Collection.zip") and import! Follow the guided screenshots below for a visual.

First click on this slider bar logo to open the editing menu.

At the bottom of the editing window, click on "Presets."

Now that the presets window is open, click on the three white dots.

                                                      Click on "Import Presets." 

Find that second zip file ("Phlow-1st-Edition-Collection.zip"), and import!

Now that you've imported, open your Lightroom mobile app, and the Phlow Prosets should show up in a matter of minutes! The only reason why it may take a bit longer to synch is if you have a lot photos already in the app. Make sure that your synch is turned on and you are signed into the same Adobe ID on both your laptop/mobile. And you should be good to go. We hope this has been helpful and got you situated. Welcome to the Pham! Now let's get editing :) 

June 14, 2021

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